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Budapest Spring Festival 2018 C U1800

Last update 26.04.2018 14:40:54, Creator: hungarian chess-federation (master),Last Upload: tamas gyomber

Player overview for FIN

68Velagapudi Vihan1224FIN½100½½0103,55214294080,00U1800

Results of the last round for FIN

Rd.Bo.No.NameFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameFEDRtgNo.
92368Velagapudi VihanFIN1224 0 - 1 Kiraly Lilla ViragHUN140848

Player details for FIN

Velagapudi Vihan 1224 FIN Rp:1429 Pts. 3,5
129Palinkas Ervin1525HUN5,0s ½0,150,354014,00
221Papp Andrea1569HUN3,0w 10,110,894035,60
324Hajdu Marton Abris1537HUN5,5w 00,14-0,1440-5,60
418Burgisser Claude1617FRA5,0s 00,08-0,0840-3,20
551Baranyai Antal1378HUN4,0w ½0,290,21408,40
626Gecse Lajos1533HUN3,5s ½0,140,364014,40
722Vamosi Peter Istvan1550HUN4,5w 00,13-0,1340-5,20
841Deak-Sala Emilia1462HUN3,0s 10,200,804032,00
948Kiraly Lilla Virag1408HUN4,5w 00,26-0,2640-10,40