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Budapest Spring Festival 2018

Last update 26.04.2018 15:43:27, Creator/Last Upload: hungarian chess-federation (master)

Player overview for VIE

84CMNguyen Van Thanh23522352VIE½½101½½½½5,04824642026,60Open

Results of the last round for VIE

Rd.Bo.No.NameFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameFEDRtgNo.
93048FMGavrilescu DavidROU2436 ½ - ½ CMNguyen Van ThanhVIE235284

Player details for VIE

CM Nguyen Van Thanh 2352 VIE Rp:2464 Pts. 5,0
12GMBanusz Tamas26172617HUN6,0s ½0,180,32206,40
26GMTurov Maxim26102610RUS6,0w ½0,180,32206,40
3165Widla Piotr20652065POL3,5s 10,840,16203,20
440Henderson De La Fuente Lance24592459ESP5,5w 00,35-0,3520-7,00
5138Rahul S21952195IND4,0s 10,710,29205,80
632GMKobo Ori24842484ISR6,5w ½0,320,18203,60
734IMNagy Gabor24812481HUN5,0s ½0,330,17203,40
846GMBryzgalin Kirill24402440RUS4,5w ½0,380,12202,40
948FMGavrilescu David24362436ROU5,0s ½0,380,12202,40