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GM NORM TOURNAMENT "3rd Fischer Memorial"

Last update 10.01.2018 18:01:43, Creator/Last Upload: greek chess federation

Starting rank list of players

5GMWarakomski Tomasz1124552POL2537
7GMNikolaidis Ioannis4202139GRE2534ΑΜΕΣ ΝΕΑΣ ΕΡΥΘΡΑΙΑΣ
1Sviridov Valery4120680RUS2515
4GMAntic Dejan901008SRB2453ΣΟ ΚΑΒΑΛΑΣ
8IMKozhuharov Spas2905418FID2443
2FMMartic Ivan929301SRB2352
10Anagnostopoulos Konstantinos4251067GRE2289Ο.Α.Α. ΗΡΑΚΛΕΙΟ
3Mitsis Georgios4295676GRE2278ΣΟ "ΘΩΜΑΣ ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΥ"
6Xylogiannopoulos Antonios4215133GRE2277ΑΟ "ΤΡΕΙΣ ΑΣΤΕΡΕΣ '89"
9Balokas Dimitrios4216920GRE2269Α.Ο. "ΚΥ∆ΩΝ" ΧΑΝΙΩΝ