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B&W Chess Academy 1st KK District Level Children Chess Tournament 2017-Under-17 02/B&WCA/2017

Last update 10.12.2017 14:10:23, Creator/Last Upload: vinothkumart

Starting rank

1Genish Prakash J35094211IND1718
2Achaya Vijayan35094360IND1478
3Sanjeev M35074288IND1459
4Rohan Anand45074720IND1406
5Preejesh S B45074674IND1386
6Pon Shivram N L46656685IND1317
7Sivaram Sivarajan45074836IND1284
8Barath K N25610279IND1251
9Leaha B45074577IND1236
10Ramnath Sarankan25617770IND1225
11Binisya E L45032807IND1193
12Aaron Pushparaj Michaelraj35094157IND1180
13Pavithra I J46656650IND1176
14Amisha Sany M46637303IND1125
15Barath Kumar K Sankar25698478IND1102
16Vignesh Rajan46623221IND1071
17Dhanesh G R25767330IND1065
18Abijith PIND0
19Dharshin TIND0
20Dheephiha M SIND0
21Harihsh Ramm S AIND0
22Kevin Britto AIND0
23Sheethal C SIND0
24Siva Balan SIND0
25Sivaneswari C45091099IND0
26Sree Meera SubramanianIND0
27Thajai T J45074879IND0
28Vishva Raj. MIND0