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Cupa Sarbatorilor de Iarna - Tulcea U8

Last update 10.12.2017 15:45:19, Creator: sarighioleanu marius,Last Upload: jugaru lucian

Starting rank

1IIIBujor Andrei-Cristian4230028ROU1180Cs Sah Club Galati
2IIGrigore Matei4090565ROU1157Clubul De Sah Orizont 64 Brail
3IVCabuz Andrei4380173ROU1047Acs Logic Delta
4IVArdeleanu Damian4380166ROU1034Acs Logic Delta
5IVParaschiv Calin-Andrei4380158ROU1030Acs Logic Delta
6IVMardare Adelina-Izabela4380178ROU1020Acs Logic Delta
7IIIRadu Mihai-Alexandru4090539ROU1007Clubul De Sah Orizont 64 Brail
8FCBorisov Maria4380181ROU1001Acs Logic Delta
9FCGherghisan Alexandru-Nicusor4380180ROU1001Acs Logic Delta