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Last update 07.04.2010 07:17:56, Creator/Last Upload: vietnamchess

Starting rank

1GMLe Quang Liem12401137HCM2689
2GMCao Sang725056LDO2557
3GMDao Thien Hai12400084QDO2523
4GMTu Hoang Thong12400076HCM2483
5GMBui Vinh12400726HNO2480
6IMNguyen Huynh Minh Huy12401269DTH2469
7GMNguyen Anh Dung12400025HNO2464
8IMNguyen Thanh Son12400815HCM2440
9IMDuong The Anh12401277DTH2425
10IMNguyen Van Huy12401064HNO2419
11IMTu Hoang Thai12400351HCM2390
12FMPham Chuong12401218HCM2370
13CMNguyen Hoang Nam12402133QDO2348
14Vo Thanh Ninh12402141KGI2341
15Nguyen Thien Viet12401498DAN2330
16FMNguyen Duc Hoa12401358QDO2324
17FMLy Hong Nguyen12401463HCM2308
18FMNguyen Van Hai12400122QDO2300
19IMLe Quang Long12401749HCM2295
20FMTon That Nhu Tung12401439HCM2279
21FMPham Duc Thang12401420KGI2250
22Tran Quoc Dung12400645DTH2229
23Bao Khoa12401501LDO2218
24Nguyen Thanh Nghia12401870HCM2206
25Vo Dai Hoai Duc12400033HCM2180
26Nguyen Minh Tuan12403512HCM2114
27Doan Van Duc12400335QDO2104
28Nguyen Sy Hung12401374BRV2016
29CMLe Huu Thai12402460LDO1916
30Nguyen Van Toan Thanh12400475QDO1875
31CMLe Thanh Tai12402192HCM1809
32Ngo Quang Nhat12402745HCM1784
33Doan Nguyen Trung Tin12402648LDO0
34Le Nhat Minh12404438CTH0
35Vu Quang Quyen12402168HCM0
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