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9th Penang Heritage City International Chess Open 2017 Penang Open 2017

Last update 09.12.2017 06:36:09, Creator: PenangChessAssociation,Last Upload: Malaysian Chess Federation

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1IMRathnakaran K.2307IND 71b1 64w1 14w1 3b½ 4w1 19b1 2w1 9b½ 11w18,01,055,048,50
2GMGrigoryan Karen H.2571ARM 57b1 46w1 29b1 16w1 40b1 9w1 1b0 3b1 10w18,00,053,044,50
3FMPriasmoro Novendra2423INA 81b1 33w1 54b1 1w½ 13b1 18w1 12b1 2w0 8b½7,00,054,539,75
4IMYeoh Li Tian2480MAS 79b1 24w1 13b½ 11w1 1b0 27w1 10w1 7b½ 9w17,00,053,539,25
5IMDimakiling Oliver2425PHI106b1 28w½ 45b1 19w0 22b1 29w½ 26w1 21b½ 25w16,50,048,534,00
6FMDang Hoang Son2340VIE 15b½ 83w1 58b0 60b1 47w½ 39w1 37b½ 28w1 24b16,50,045,032,50
7GMBarsov Alexei2416UZB100w½ 62b½ 81w1 39b½ 86w1 13w1 36b½ 4w½ 26b16,50,044,532,00
8GMLaxman R.R.2413IND -0 -0118w1101b1100w1 44b1 82w1 17b1 3w½6,50,041,028,50
9GMNguyen Duc Hoa2504VIE 62w½ 92b1 55w1 27b1 36w1 2b0 19w1 1w½ 4b06,00,052,531,25
10IMNouri Hamed2355PHI 83b½ 15w1 31b1 37w½ 58b1 11w1 4b0 36w1 2b06,00,051,031,50
11FMAndyka Pitra2297INA 69w1 85b1 38w1 4b0 59w1 10b0 16w1 12w1 1b06,00,051,029,50
12FMErigaisi Arjun2359IND 99w1 30b½ 22w½ 44b1 24w1 17b1 3w0 11b0 45w16,00,049,531,25
13IMLioe Dede2328INA 73b1 63w1 4w½ 42b1 3w0 7b0 86w1 45b½ 44b16,00,048,529,50
14GMSchebler Gerhard2415GER 53b1 48w1 1b0 58w½ 39b½ 61w½ 49b1 37w1 21w½6,00,048,030,00
15Daniel Hermawan Lumban Tobing1899INA 6w½ 10b0105w1 34b1 35w1 43b½ 38w½ 54w1 20b½6,00,047,530,25
16IMRoy Prantik2366IND 98b1 44w+ 26w1 2b0 80w½ 37w½ 11b0 31w1 48b16,00,047,529,75
17Miciano John Marvin2224PHI114b1 18w1 41b½ 20w½ 54b1 12w0 29b1 8w0 36b16,00,047,529,50
18IMPascua Haridas2424PHI 59w1 17b0 84w1 32b1 82w1 3b0 25w½ 19b½ 46w16,00,047,528,75
19IMGunawan Ronny2281INA123w1115b1 36w½ 5b1 41b1 1w0 9b0 18w½ 42b16,00,047,527,50
20FMTaher Yoseph Theolifus2368INA 97w1 35b1 43w½ 17b½ 26w½ 25b½ 80w1 24b½ 15w½6,00,047,030,75
21GMBarus Cerdas2320INA 51w1 47b½ 39w½ 55b½ 85w1 38b½ 30w1 5w½ 14b½6,00,046,530,50
22Ma Lin2152CHN 56b½ 91w1 12b½ 79w½ 5w0 98b1 59w½ 60b1 38w16,00,042,526,50
23CMAditya Mittal2288IND 87w1 55b0100w1 59b0 50w½ 81b½ 79w1 56b1 52w16,00,039,025,50
24FMKurniawan Muhamad Agus2228INA 95w1 4b0 74w1 51b1 12b0 63w1 41b1 20w½ 6w05,50,048,526,00
25IMMas Hafizulhelmi2315MAS 77b1 70w1 42b½ 40w0 79b1 20w½ 18b½ 33w1 5b05,50,047,027,00
26Pranav Venkatesh2263IND126b1 75w1 16b0 64w1 20b½ 40w1 5b0 27w1 7w05,50,047,025,00
27IMLi Bo2344CHN120w1 39b½ 34w1 9w0 48b1 4b0 68w1 26b0 61w15,50,046,025,00
28IMLu Chan Hung2203VIE 60w1 5b½ 50w1 36b0 55w½ 67b½ 70w1 6b0 66w15,50,045,526,25
29IMSenador Emmanuel2339PHI134b1 52w1 2w0 85b½ 66w1 5b½ 17w0 59b1 30w½5,50,045,025,00
30Natarajan C2162IND111b1 12w½ 40b0 57w½ 53b1 72w1 21b0 64w1 29b½5,50,044,025,50
31Johan Muhammad2154INA 84w½102b1 10w0 69b1 42w1 36b0 67w1 16b0 55w15,50,043,024,00
32Chan Marcus2129MAS103b1 41w0108b1 18w0 73b1 57w½ 42b½ 40w½ 63b15,50,041,523,25
33Norbaev Nabijon2164UZB116w1 3b0 98w½ 99b½ 62w1 50b½ 55w1 25b0 57w15,50,041,022,50
34CMLee Jun Wei2055SGP 94b½112w1 27b0 15w0 95b1 56w½ 83b½ 71w1 54b15,50,040,022,25
35FMLim Zhuo Ren2201MAS 90b1 20w0134b1 56w½ 15b0 79w½ 57b1 63w½ 65b15,50,039,022,50
36FMSetyaki Azarya Jodi2349INA108b1 61w1 19b½ 28w1 9b0 31w1 7w½ 10b0 17w05,00,049,525,25
37IMSharma Dinesh K.2252IND 89w½ 65b1 47w1 10b½ 38w½ 16b½ 6w½ 14b0 50w½5,00,048,025,50
38IMVo Thanh Ninh2399VIE 74b1 49w1 11b0 61w1 37b½ 21w½ 15b½ 46w½ 22b05,00,048,025,00
39Bhambure Shantanu2108IND 78b1 27w½ 21b½ 7w½ 14w½ 6b0 81w½ 97b1 41b½5,00,048,025,00
40IMFirman Syah Farid2378INA 92w½ 89b1 30w1 25b1 2w0 26b0 58w½ 32b½ 49w½5,00,047,524,50
41Sammed Jaykumar Shete2351IND 93w1 32b1 17w½ 43b1 19w0 80b½ 24w0 66b½ 39w½5,00,045,524,50
42GMVillamayor Buenaventura2450SGP 67w1 80b1 25w½ 13w0 31b0 85b1 32w½ 58b1 19w05,00,045,523,00
43IMTirto2295INA 76b1 72w1 20b½ 41w0 56b½ 15w½ 52b½ 48w0 81b15,00,044,524,25
44Looi Xin Hao2083MAS121w1 16b- 77b1 12w0 90b1 8w0100b1 82b1 13w05,00,043,519,00
45IMChan Peng Kong2177SGP 65w½105b1 5w0 62b½ 98w½ 99b1 50w1 13w½ 12b05,00,043,021,25
46FMWong Yinn Long2242MAS107w1 2b0 62w½ 98b½ 99w½ 88b1 47w1 38b½ 18b05,00,043,020,75
47Manu David Suthandram R2051IND101b1 21w½ 37b0114w1 6b½ 54w½ 46b0 69w½ 88b15,00,042,021,25
48Dixit Nikhil2132IND118w1 14b0 99w½ 65b1 27w0 87b1 56w½ 43b1 16w05,00,042,020,00
49Gandhi Anish2128IND128w1 38b0 51w0 76b1 93w1 55b½ 14w0 67b1 40b½5,00,041,020,25
50Godam2033INA124b½ 94w1 28b0112w1 23b½ 33w½ 45b0 84w1 37b½5,00,040,520,25
51AIMMuzzaffar Ahmad1877MAS 21b0 78w1 49b1 24w0 61b0111w1 63b0113w1 86w15,00,040,020,50
52Sunardi Sadeli2053INA113w1 29b0 69w½ 84b½ 88w½116b1 43w½ 80b1 23b05,00,039,019,75
53Chow Kit Meng Jordan Max1960SGP 14w0118b1 80w0103b1 30w0 60b0101w1 89b1 82w15,00,038,017,50
54FMSonjaya Deni2309INA 88w1 66b1 3w0 67b1 17w0 47b½ 61w1 15b0 34w04,50,047,020,00
55Xu Yuze2030CHN131b1 23w1 9b0 21w½ 28b½ 49w½ 33b0 75w1 31b04,50,046,020,75
56CMArfan Aditya Bagus1721INA 22w½ 86b1 82w½ 35b½ 43w½ 34b½ 48b½ 23w0 64b½4,50,045,521,75
57Alhabsyi Muhamad2027INA 2w0107b1101w½ 30b½ 75w1 32b½ 35w0103b1 33b04,50,045,018,75
58IMOoi Zhi Yang2108MAS102w½104b1 6w1 14b½ 10w0 59b½ 40b½ 42w0 62w½4,50,044,521,75
59Suvradeepta Das1980IND 18b0122w1130b1 23w1 11b0 58w½ 22b½ 29w0 76b½4,50,043,518,25
60Zhang Di1755CHN 28b0125w1 70b1 6w0 64b0 53w1 72b1 22w0 79b½4,50,043,020,00
61CMTan Jun Ying2070MAS119w1 36b0 71w1 38b0 51w1 14b½ 54b0 83w1 27b04,50,042,519,50
62Raghav Srivathsav V1960IND 9b½ 7w½ 46b½ 45w½ 33b0 90w0122b1116w1 58b½4,50,042,519,50
63Manaog Stewart2050PHI127w1 13b0 87w1 82b0 71w1 24b0 51w1 35b½ 32w04,50,042,518,75
64FMIsmail Ahmad2039MAS132w1 1b0103w1 26b0 60w1 82b0 89w1 30b0 56w½4,50,041,016,75
65Harivardhini I1750IND 45b½ 37w0106b1 48w0125b1 68w0 98b1 85b1 35w04,50,038,517,50
66Mulay Pratik2047IND129b1 54w0114b½ 94w1 29b0 83w½ 73b1 41w½ 28b04,50,038,517,00
67Kavinda Akila2003SRI 42b0126w1124b1 54w0 77b1 28w½ 31b0 49w0109b14,50,038,515,25
68Iqra Moesa Putra2091INA104w½ 84b0 89w½ 87b½107w1 65b1 27b0 81w½ 74b½4,50,037,518,00
69Chuah Hao Feng1864MAS 11b0129w1 52b½ 31w0111b½112w½117b1 47b½ 70w½4,50,037,516,00
70Mohite Ranveer2045IND133w1 25b0 60w0 89b1 84w½101b1 28b0 76w½ 69b½4,50,037,515,75
71Bian Qiang1869CHN 1w0133b1 61b0130w1 63b0 78w½104w1 34b0103w14,50,037,512,25
72Cheah Eric2028MAS130w1 43b0 75w1 80b0102w1 30b0 60w0 87b½107w14,50,036,515,00
73Goh Jinghan Cameron1878SGP 13w0113b½102w½104b1 32w0119b1 66w0107b½110w14,50,036,015,75
74AGMSiddharth Jagadeesh1953SGP 38w0128b1 24b0 90w0121b½ 95w1107w½102b1 68w½4,50,035,515,00
75Teh Wee Zhun1697MAS 96w1 26b0 72b0134w1 57b0 93w½120w1 55b0100w14,50,034,515,00
76Chan Yi Meng Ryan1859MAS 43w0132b1 -0 49w0117b½121w1112b1 70b½ 59w½4,50,034,014,50
77Hee Wei Yang1876SGP 25w0127b1 44w0119b1 67w0102b½103w0115b1104w14,50,034,013,25
78Ho Xinglun Royce1661SGP 39w0 51b0 93w0132b1127w1 71b½ 88w0120b1 99w14,50,033,013,75
79Bai Adelard2010TPE 4w0110b1115w1 22b½ 25w0 35b½ 23b0 91w½ 60w½4,00,045,016,50
80Udani Ian2245PHI122b1 42w0 53b1 72w1 16b½ 41w½ 20b0 52w0 -04,00,044,017,75
81Ahmad Nazari Emir Rusyaidi1965MAS 3w0116b1 7b0 91w½114b1 23w½ 39b½ 68b½ 43w04,00,044,015,75
82FMSivakumar Ashvin2285SGP 91b½109w1 56b½ 63w1 18b0 64w1 8b0 44w0 53b04,00,043,516,75
83WFMBidhar Rutumbara1922IND 10w½ 6b0 95w1 86b0105w1 66b½ 34w½ 61b0 87w½4,00,042,517,50
84Sun Chao1731CHN 31b½ 68w1 18b0 52w½ 70b½100w0 93b1 50b0 97w½4,00,042,018,00
85FMNouri Alekhine2043PHI117b1 11w0111b1 29w½ 21b0 42w0 90b1 65w0 91b½4,00,041,015,25
86Noguchi Koji2090JPN112b½ 56w0109b1 83w1 7b0113w1 13b0 88w½ 51b04,00,039,514,50
87Anggraini Mukim Nadya1853INA 23b0117w1 63b0 68w½ 94b1 48w0113b½ 72w½ 83b½4,00,038,515,25
88Leong Sher Hern1876SGP 54b0101w0 96b1115w1 52b½ 46w0 78b1 86b½ 47w04,00,038,515,00
89Poh Xuan Rui Ethan1814SGP 37b½ 40w0 68b½ 70w0124b1 96w1 64b0 53w0116b14,00,038,013,25
90Eng Jia Qian1754MAS 35w0 99b0132w1 74b1 44w0 62b1 85w0100b½ 92w½4,00,036,015,25
91Yee Jian Yang1835MAS 82w½ 22b0104w½ 81b½101w0105b1102w½ 79b½ 85w½4,00,036,015,00
92Nguyen Truong Bao Tran1953VIE 40b½ 9w0112b0121w½ 96b0 94w1109b½114w1 90b½4,00,035,514,75
93Goh Sean Christian1917SGP 41b0111w0 78b1124w1 49b0 75b½ 84w0112w1 96b½4,00,035,513,50
94Lim See Siang Fergus1607MAS 34w½ 50b0123w1 66b0 87w0 92b0 95w½122w1126b14,00,035,513,25
95Lieu Chin Yung1781MAS 24b0106w½ 83b0131w1 34w0 74b0 94b½117w1113b14,00,035,012,25
96Lee Care Greene1612MAS 75b0 98w0 88w0118b1 92w1 89b0125b+ 99b½ 93w½4,00,033,013,75
97Navaratnam Rohan Shan Tze1948MAS 20b0114w0131b1111w½112b½103b½110w1 39w0 84b½4,00,033,013,00
98Ng Sheng Feng1941SGP 16w0 96b1 33b½ 46w½ 45b½ 22w0 65w0105b½101w½3,50,043,014,75
99Frost Peter1926AUS 12b0 90w1 48b½ 33w½ 46b½ 45w0116b½ 96w½ 78b03,50,042,015,00
100Lau Ende Matthew1963SGP 7b½124w½ 23b0122w1 8b0 84b1 44w0 90w½ 75b03,50,042,013,25
101Loo Hsien Rong Evan1565MAS 47w0 88b1 57b½ 8w0 91b1 70w0 53b0108w½ 98b½3,50,040,513,75
102CMLoh Shao Kai Dylan1668SGP 58b½ 31w0 73b½108w1 72b0 77w½ 91b½ 74w0106b½3,50,039,014,00
103Lee Say Siong John1712SGP 32w0120b1 64b0 53w0130b1 97w½ 77b1 57w0 71b03,50,037,511,00
104AGMSingh Eshwant1641MAS 68b½ 58w0 91b½ 73w0108b1106w½ 71b0126w1 77b03,50,036,012,00
105WCMChua Jia-Tien1748MAS109b½ 45w0 15b0106w1 83b0 91w0133b1 98w½108b½3,50,034,510,25
106CMAdvait Bagri1990SGP 5w0 95b½ 65w0105b0128w1104b½119w½111b½102w½3,50,034,010,75
107Ong Yi Herng Joel1802SGP 46b0 57w0129b1125w½ 68b0133w1 74b½ 73w½ 72b03,50,034,010,50
108Goh Ethan1915SGP 36w0119b1 32w0102b0104w0127b1111w½101b½105w½3,50,033,010,75
109WFMChuah Yi Ning1798MAS105w½ 82b0 86w0116b0131w1115b½ 92w½119b1 67w03,50,031,010,00
110Lim Kian Hwa1796MAS -0 79w0133b½117w½115b½125w1 97b0121w1 73b03,50,030,010,50
111Tang Wei Kit1740MAS 30w0 93b1 85w0 97b½ 69w½ 51b0108b½106w½ -03,00,038,511,75
112Ashwin Hariharan1626SGP 86w½ 34b0 92w1 50b0 97w½ 69b½ 76w0 93b0115w½3,00,038,511,50
113Sim Jia Ru1579MAS 52b0 73w½ -0120b1123w1 86b0 87w½ 51b0 95w03,00,037,010,25
114Kumaresan Nhavin1759MAS 17w0 97b1 66w½ 47b0 81w0120b0123w1 92b0119w½3,00,036,510,75
115Poh Yu Tian1342MAS -1 19w0 79b0 88b0110w½109w½126b½ 77w0112b½3,00,035,59,00
116Ang Jing Xuan1744MAS 33b0 81w0117b½109w1134b1 52w0 99w½ 62b0 89w03,00,034,09,75
117Chong Kai Ni Agnes1393MAS 85w0 87b0116w½110b½ 76w½123b1 69w0 95b0120w½3,00,033,510,50
118Chuah Hao Min1716MAS 48b0 53w0 8b0 96w0133b0 -1124w½131b½130w13,00,033,06,00
119Teh Yong Keat Anthony1611MAS 61b0108w0126b1 77w0122b1 73w0106b½109w0114b½3,00,032,58,75
120CMNisban Cyrus1900SGP 27b0103w0121b½113w0129b1114w1 75b0 78w0117b½3,00,032,58,50
121Chembeti Shreesh Amit1612MAS 44b0134w0120w½ 92b½ 74w½ 76b0127w1110b0123w½3,00,031,09,75
122Kimbin Richard Conrod1803MAS 80w0 59b0127w1100b0119w0130b1 62w0 94b0131w13,00,030,06,00
123Richard Jean-Paul1820SUI 19b0131w½ 94b0133w1113b0117w0114b0124w1121b½3,00,028,06,00
124AIMJagadeesh Balakrishnan1381SGP 50w½100b½ 67w0 93b0 89w0126w0118b½123b0 -12,50,034,07,50
125Khandhar Kaushal1981MAS -0 60b0128w1107b½ 65w0110b0 96w-129w1 -02,50,034,06,25
126Koelbl Wolfgang1819GER 26w0 67b0119w0127b0132w1124b1115w½104b0 94w02,50,030,05,75
127Greenwood Martin C1523ENG 63b0 77w0122b0126w1 78b0108w0121b0133w1128b½2,50,029,55,00
128Kong Jian Yuan Stephen1704SGP 49b0 74w0125b0129w½106b0132w0 -1130b½127w½2,50,028,55,25
129Kumar Sri Shiva1481MAS 66w0 69b0107w0128b½120w0131b½130w½125b0133w12,50,026,04,25
130AIMPadmavarshni V.P0SGP 72b0 -1 59w0 71b0103w0122w0129b½128w½118b02,00,032,53,75
131AIMShravann Suryaa V.P1180SGP 55w0123b½ 97w0 95b0109b0129w½132b½118w½122b02,00,029,05,25
132Goh Kai Ray Alden1382MAS 64b0 76w0 90b0 78w0126b0128b1131w½ -0 -01,50,033,53,00
133Salim Abdullah1430MAS 70b0 71w0110w½123b0118w1107b0105w0127b0129b01,50,030,54,50
134Rakshitta Ravi1950IND 29w0121b1 35w0 75b0116w0 -0 -0 -0 -01,00,039,53,00

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable

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