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2017 Lidums Australian Young Masters GM Norm Event

Last update 08.12.2017 01:47:52, Creator/Last Upload: alanachibnall

Starting rank list of players

2GMDemuth Adrien642274FRA2543
1IMPraggnanandhaa R25059530IND2517
10GMLy Moulthun3204405AUS2486
9IMCheng Bobby4300033AUS2483
4IMIzzat Kanan13405209AZE2473
3GMPapin Vasily4143183RUS2453
5IMDale Ari3213145AUS2390
8IMSukandar Irine Kharisma7101937INA2384
7FMWallis Christopher3204839AUS2380
6FMGong Patrick3222500AUS2286
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