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Torneo Social Club de Ajedrez Salamanca T2017/18

Last update 28.06.2018 19:45:07, Creator/Last Upload: spanish chess federation (licence 357)

Starting rank list of players

1Sanchez Arevalo Luis2276950ESP1991Ctl
13Arias Castanedo Jacinto2221586ESP1923Ctl
2Hortiguela Hortiguela Alberto54513405ESP1913Ctl
12Lazaro Poveda Luis Miguel22286667ESP1878Ctl
6Garcia Del Castillo Adrian22259961ESP1830Rio
10Guerrero Ciudad Carlos2238039ESP1730Ctl
7Sanchez Sanchez Miguel Angel24509434ESP1529Ctl
8Sanchez Elena Lucia24591106ESP1302Ctl
4Sierra Pena Mario24579122ESP1053Ctl
14Cagigas Calvente Fernando24579106ESP1020
11Bullon Abon Fernando54513138ESP0
9Ciudad Gascon Antonio2244233ESP0
5Martin Garcia Alvaro24579203ESP0
3Vital Silva Jose AntonioESP0