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Hull Rapid Play 2017 - Minor

Last update 13.11.2017 11:24:33, Creator/Last Upload: sgreep

Starting rank

1Grice AlecENG131
2Atkinson RichardENG125
3Kaszynski PiotrENG125
4King SteveENG122
5Oliver BruceENG122
6Pollard MikeENG118
7Kasprzyk MiloszENG115
8Thrower SteveENG111
9Farley ZakENG110
10Reid GraemeENG110
11Varley JoeENG107
12Clayton CharlesENG106
13Bangura MichaelENG98
14Hackett MichaelENG98
15Colley NickENG85
16Moody ShaunENG56