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OÖ Schülerliga Süd 2017/18 - Spg. Nettingsdorf-Traun Anmeldungen

Last update 08.11.2017 10:53:28, Creator/Last Upload: ös johann daxinger, ask nettingsdorf

Starting rank

1Aglas SiegfriedAUT863Sc Traun 67
2Aglas RomanAUT800Sc Traun 67
3Villanyi BenedekAUT800Sc Traun 67
4Alagic EricAUT0Sc Traun 67
5Muckenhuemer FelixAUT0Sc Traun 67
6Neuwirth JanAUT0Ask Nettingsdorf
7Rammersdorfer BrunoAUT0Sc Traun 67
8Rammersdorfer MartinAUT0Sc Traun 67