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Cupa Vointa-Informatia Zilei editia a-VIII-a GPJ 2010

Last update 29.03.2010 13:44:35, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 17)

Player info

NameVechiu Paul
Starting rank49
Rating national401
Rating international401
Performance rating139
FIDE rtg +/--57,3
Club/CityCs Unio Satu Mare
Year of birth 2004


125-bye- --- 1
21014IIIPop Simina-Mihaela447ROUCs Unio Satu Mare4,0s 0
31728Dumitru Sebastian-Paul401ROUCs Unio Satu Mare2,0w 0
42036Marina-Fit Andrei401ROUCs Sig-Mar Sighetu Marmatiei3,0s 1
51319IIIFlorian Nilas Rodrigo-Tiago421ROUCs Unio Satu Mare4,0w 0
61733Marginean Augusta401ROUCsm Cluj Napoca3,0s 0
72137Marusciac Victor401ROUCsm Cluj Napoca3,0w 0