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Cupa Vointa-Informatia Zilei editia a-VIII-a GPJ 2010

Last update 29.03.2010 13:44:35, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 17)

Player info

NameSacaleanu Sergiu-Dorel
Starting rank23
Rating national402
Rating international402
Performance rating405
FIDE rtg +/-0,3
Club/CityCS Vados Arad
Year of birth 2001


12145Risco Richard-Cristian401ROUCs Unio Satu Mare3,0s 1
2810IIMoldovan Rares518ROUCs Unio Satu Mare5,0w ½
386IIDavid Bogdan-Emanuel569ROUCS Vados Arad5,5s 0
41213IIISchneider Erik494ROUCs Tinere Sperante Baia Mare3,5s 0
51734Marginean Teodora401ROUCsm Cluj Napoca2,0w 1
61439Mintau Andrei-Catalin401ROUCs Sig-Mar Sighetu Marmatiei3,0w ½
71441Niculae Luca-Anton401ROUCs Vointa Satu Mare4,0s 0