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Preston Chess Congress 2017 - Major

Last update 26.11.2017 19:09:31, Creator/Last Upload: lara barnes ia

Starting rank

1Jaques Andrew416290ENG1694ncl Manchester Manticores
2Whitehead Mark A406716ENG169Rochdale
3Burns Martin J420123ENG166Denton
4Ashcroft Graham J438090ENG165Preston
5Begg DavidENG164Scotland
6Potter Karl H415758ENG163Syston
7Slinger Aj Tony422681ENG163Undercliffe
8Gibbs SamENG160
9Lamb Harry404101ENG158Bolton
10Davies Sam434990ENG157
11Clegg Robert425150ENG156Huddersfield
12Seery Phillip TENG156Bare Institute
13Cawston M John434000ENG155Lady Anne Mdlton
14Hanson Robert443859ENG155Preston
15Betts Richard445118ENG153Northwich
16O'mahony Mike J449946ENG152Wallasey
17Barber Andrew M433918ENG151Buckley/Mold
18Boulden DavidENG149Denton
19Greatorex Roger420131ENG148Llangollen
20Tokeley Rob437646ENG148Lancashire Ca
21Connor Michael I420654ENG147Great Lever
22Hall David G2402394SCO147Scotland
23Ryan John434825ENG146Denton
24Frith Shane S441082ENG145Sheffield
25Siddall Dave416371ENG145Carlisle Austin Friars
26Taylor Phillip JENG145Preston
27Barooah Michael440345ENG138Formby
28Ross Stuart427888ENG129Newport (shropshire)
29Doherty Paul D451126ENG126Bolton