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SOP Blitz & Rapid 2017 (3rd Blitz)

Last update 29.10.2017 18:17:21, Creator/Last Upload: greek chess federation

Starting rank

1Papachristopoulos Georgios25863177GRE1187
2Sinouris Andreas25840703GRE1112
3Alexopoulos Georgios25820540GRE1020
4Apostolopoulos Michail25863088GRE0
5Broulias CharalamposGRE0
6Efthymiou Mouzouras Orfeas25863100GRE0
7Georgis Athanasios25863118GRE0
8Gourdoupis Spyridon25840622GRE0
9Kaperonis Andreas25892916GRE0
10Moutafi Lydia Ourania25872249GRE0
11Papanikolaou Petros25840681GRE0
12Pardalaki Elpida25877151GRE0
13Pardalakis Charalampos25877160GRE0
14Proskefalas Antonios25805843GRE0
15Valsamos Konstantinos25863223GRE0