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World Youth Rapid Championships 2017 Boys & Girls U18

Last update 29.10.2017 12:28:58, Creator/Last Upload: middlewave

Starting rank

1IMKazakovskiy Valeriy13507443BLR2393
2FMSawlin Leonid4689542GER2350
3IMBaskin Robert24662402GER2305
4IMTran Minh Thang12401080VIE2305
5IMLivaic Leon14531534CRO2294
6IMMesaros Florian1629220AUT2257
7FMLagunow Raphael24652644GER2246
8WIMNarva Mai4500512EST2155w
9Lumiste Rene4503295EST2043
10WIMSherif Amina12911690EGY2041w
11WFMOlde Margareth4503082EST2012w
12CMLe Minh Hoang12404683VIE1997
13WFMGitu Paula-Alexandra13904620MDA1937w
14Kadianis Georgios4264681GRE1871
15WCMDong Khanh Linh12403040VIE1820w
16Wong Brian Bh6003036HKG1725
17Nguyen Hong Ngoc12403083VIE1648w