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14ο open ΣΟΠ-ΣΜΑΟΚ "Εις μνήμην Παναγιώτη Αναιρούση"

Last update 26.12.2017 21:01:56, Creator/Last Upload: greek chess federation

Starting rank

1Nikolaou Georgios4203801GRE2231
2Galanos Dimitrios4206754GRE1955
3Geroukalis Athanasios4204760GRE1778
4Konstantinidis Michail N4280610GRE1770
5Gklavopoulos Evangelos4207939GRE1726
6Karahisaridis Vasilios4205480GRE1716
7Skoufas Georgios4235894GRE1643
8Panopoulos Ioannis4249968GRE1613
9Georgiopoulos Har.4206134GRE1578
10Kapelouzos Panagiotis25809440GRE1577
11Parras Konstantinos4283562GRE1570
12Geroukalis Hristos4217802GRE1559
13Diatsintos Ilias4220226GRE1423
14Kazantzoglou Nikolaos25890220GRE1365
15Soursos Panayotis4206266GRE1352
16AFMYannopapas Leontios25863665GRE1211
17Papanikos Konstantinos25880020GRE1211
18Yannopapas Vasileios25872222GRE1012