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2nd Brainstormchess Junior Rapidplay Holland Park u12

Last update 28.10.2017 17:29:19, Creator/Last Upload: brainstormchess

Starting rank

1JIANG Anthony Y451592ENG137London W *
2CHATTERJEE Sagnik64300455ENG120Richmond Juniors
3KLOTSAS PanagiotisENG118Cambridgeshire Junior
4RAMESH AbhishekdevENG111Middlesex Juniors
5EL BACHIR Yacine452009ENG109Kent Junior Congresses
6NAGDA MaanavENG106Hertfordshire *
7ESIRI Jack452408ENG101Barnet Juniors
8LEE Alexander451614ENG101London *
9ANGELOPOULOS Andreas458619ENG100Barnet Knights
10MACLEOD Andrew452599ENG99Surrey Juniors
11MONK Caleb EENG99Kings College Junior School (wimble
12HARANDI TeymourENG96
13ROY Anika R6002757HKG93Kent Juniors
14RICHARDS AlexanderENG92Northamptonshire Juniors
15JITHENDRA Raina460869ENG84Surrey Juniors
16MCKIE RosieENG80Barnet Juniors
17REES SophieENG80Sussex Juniors
18UZKURAS Tomas UENG80London *
19CHOWDHURY Appoorvaa459674ENG77Wey Valley Ps
20DE KEGEL OliverENG77Middlesex Juniors
21LAURENCIN JosephENG73Barnet Juniors
22BILALOV MaratENG72Golders Green Congresses
23THOORAN Kavin458457ENG72Richmond Juniors
24LONGIA-ZAIDI Ismail459348ENG69Kent Junior Congresses
25AUCHI Taymour452394ENG60Barnet Juniors
26RASOOL Cyrus447668ENG57Barnet Knights
27BILLALOV DanielENG47Middlesex Juniors
28HENDERSON PeterENG0Middlesex Juniors
30SAGGI VedaantENG0St Paul's Juniors