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Chipping Sodbury Rapidplay 28/10/2017 Minor

Last update 29.10.2017 13:34:12, Creator/Last Upload: geoff gammon

Starting rank

1Turetskiy Fedor34171999ENG119
2Harris John B438693ENG115
3Skeen JohnENG114
4Kamotskiy SashaENG113
5Alexander Ken Rd247342ENG111
6Kumar Yuvraj453544ENG111
7Daly Grant448087ENG109
8Livermore Richard Ea1803450WLS109
9Kan Toby457515ENG108
10Sage Antony JENG108
11Austin BethanyENG97
12Skeen RobENG94
13Taplin WilliamENG91
14Saunders AronENG90
15Walsh Shaun456519ENG86
16Austin TonyENG0