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MAS KM 2017

Last update 23.11.2017 19:45:51, Creator/Last Upload: malmö allmänna schackklubb

Starting rank

1Malmqvist Glenn1705750SWE2085Malmö AS
2Malmgren Lars-Goran1708139SWE2000Malmö AS
3Ekelund Fredrik1748610SWE1969Malmö AS
4Sjodahl Olof1735292SWE1898Malmö AS
5Thinley Shanphen1705504SWE1830Malmö AS
6Andersson Ake1702432SWE1747Malmö AS
7Gustavsson Claes1740083SWE1702Malmö AS
8Willard Hakan1733621SWE1686Malmö AS
9Gromark Jonas137122733SWE0Malmö AS