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Last update 09.10.2017 07:06:34, Creator/Last Upload: lucknow chess academy license 1

Final Ranking after 6 Rounds

Rk.SNoTeamGames  +   =   -  TB1  TB2  TB3 
13Amity International School Vasundhara Se65011018,551
21Presidium Inrapuram GZB64201018,548
38Amity International School Vasundhara Se65011018,033
44Lotus Valley International School Noida6411917,546
52Step By Step School Taj Expressway6411915,547
641R R K School Moradabad6402817,034
720Delhi Public School GZB6402816,532
814Darshan Academy Meerut6321815,531
917Dehradun Public School GZB Gonidpuram6321815,030
106St. Terasa School GZB6402814,548
1110Amity International School Noida6312713,546
125Delhi Public School Moradabad6312713,541
1325Indarpuram Public School6312713,527
149Gyanshree School Noida6312713,040
1523Green Field Public School GZB6312712,034
1633Mahraja Agrsen Public School6303615,530
1718Dehradun Public School GZB6303614,538
187K L International School Meerut6303612,042
1926Indrapuram Public School Pratap Vihar GZ6303612,029
2048The Doon Valley Pub School Deoband6222612,023
2150Vanasthali Public School GZB622266,036
2227J K G International School GZB6132511,034
2312Cambridge School Grater Noida613259,027
2442Ryan International School Noida621356,531
2530Jaypee Public School Noida621356,033
2629Jaypee Public School Grater Noida620449,526
2743Sanskar The Co Educational School GZB611437,032
2837Modern Era Public School Bijnor410323,023
2934Meerut City Public School Meerut400402,024
3045St. Francis School GZB200200,015
3122Gaurs International School GBN200200,011
3232M G D S D Public School Bijnour100100,010
3315Dav Public School200200,08
36Modern Academy Bulandshahar100100,08
38Montfort School Haridwar100100,08
3646St. R C Scientific Convent School100100,07
3711Bathesda Christian Academy GZB100100,06
28Jai Parvati Global School100100,06
39Noble Public School J P Nagar100100,06
4047Surevin International School GZB100100,05
4149The Renaissance Academy Shahjahapur100100,04
4213Colambia Convent Institute GZB000000,00
16Dayawati Modi Academy Meerut000000,00
19Dehradun Public School Muzaffarnagar000000,00
21Gandhi Nagar Public School000000,00
24Gyan Kalash International School SER000000,00
31K D B Public School GZB000000,00
35Meerut Public School Meerut000000,00
40Prgyan Sthali School000000,00
44Seth Anant Jaipuria School000000,00
51Vedantam Public School Shamli000000,00

Tie Break1: Matchpoints (2 for wins, 1 for Draws, 0 for Losses)
Tie Break2: points (game-points)
Tie Break3: Sum of Matchpoints (variabel)