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Last update 04.10.2017 04:22:05, Creator/Last Upload: federation nacional de ajedrez de guatemala

Starting rank

1Cu Hor WinstonGUA2246Blitz 18o Fenag 2017
2Reyes N. Carlos A.GUA2103Blitz 18o Fenag 2017
3Schmid B. StuardoGUA2036Blitz 18o Fenag 2017
4Juarez F. GustavoGUA2024Blitz 18o Fenag 2017
5Juarez F. RobertoGUA2023Blitz 18o Fenag 2017
6Juarez SamuelGUA1965Blitz 18o Fenag 2017
7Monzon CalixtoGUA1952Xix Blitz Adag 2017
8Mendez E. Luis PedroGUA1798Blitz 18o Fenag 2017
9Perez NelsonGUA1796Xxviii Blitz Adag 2015
10Tejeda JorgeGUA1633Xvi Blitz Adag 2017
11Torres MarceloGUA1423Blitz 17o Fenag 2017
12Lainfiesta JorgeGUA1400Xii Blitz Adag 2017