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Ukraine Championship (open, semifinal) - 2017

Last update 11.10.2017 14:18:00, Creator/Last Upload: oleg tovchyga

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1GMBernadskiy Vitaliy2570UKR 39w1 17b½ 25w1 8b1 2w1 5b½ 4w1 3b1 7w½7,549,544,038,5
2GMKovchan Alexander2593UKR 49b1 23w1 18b1 6w1 1b0 14w1 3b0 28w1 4b½6,548,543,538,0
3IMFrolov Artur2405UKR 61w1 48b1 8w½ 40b1 4w½ 10b1 2w1 1w0 5b½6,548,043,539,0
4GMNeverov Valeriy2484UKR 35b1 19w1 30b½ 14w1 3b½ 9w1 1b0 29w1 2w½6,547,542,537,5
5IMGolubka Petro2469UKR 42b1 11w1 14b0 19w1 18b1 1w½ 28b½ 9w1 3w½6,547,542,537,0
6GMGasanov Eldar2482UKR 57w1 20b1 12w1 2b0 28w½ 21b½ 17w½ 27w1 14b16,545,040,034,5
7IMGrinev Valeriy2401UKR 32b0 65w1 35b1 43w1 29b½ 30w1 15b1 14w½ 1b½6,542,538,033,5
8Grebeniuk Semen2266UKR 77w1 10b1 3b½ 1w0 26b½ 63w1 13b½ 15w½ 28b16,045,542,037,0
9GMBogdanovich Stanislav2593UKR 44w1 34b1 28w½ 22b½ 12w1 4b0 23w1 5b0 20w16,045,540,535,5
10IMBortnyk Mykola2437UKR 37b1 8w0 39b1 11w½ 53b1 3w0 30b1 24w1 12b½6,044,039,535,0
11Galperin Platon2285UKR 46w1 5b0 38w1 10b½ 21w0 57b1 18w1 16b½ 36w16,042,538,033,5
12Solovchuk Oleksiy2368UKR 50b1 56w1 6b0 37w1 9b0 41w1 24b½ 36w1 10w½6,042,037,533,0
13IMShalimov Valery2402UKR 54w1 64b½ 53w½ 31b½ 25w1 20b½ 8w½ 17b½ 29w16,040,536,532,5
14FMNaboka Sergey2351UKR 55w1 68b1 5w1 4b0 16w1 2b0 31w1 7b½ 6w05,547,043,038,0
15GMSergeev Vladimir2417UKR 47w1 31b½ 64w½ 48b1 22w1 28b½ 7w0 8b½ 17w½5,542,538,033,5
16Bakhmatsky Vladislav2412UKR 66b½ 33w1 29b½ 24w1 14b0 37w1 26b½ 11w½ 19b½5,542,538,033,0
17IMOsmak Iulija2339UKR 73b1 1w½ 32b½ 53w½ 72b1 36w½ 6b½ 13w½ 15b½5,542,039,035,0
18FMYelisieiev Yevhenii2401UKR 67w1 43b1 2w0 64b1 5w0 29w½ 11b0 41b1 40w15,541,037,533,0
19FMMolchanov Oleksii2303UKR 58w1 4b0 67w1 5b0 47w1 38b0 46w1 39b1 16w½5,540,536,532,0
20FMBelous Mikhail2329UKR 74b1 6w0 61b1 63w1 62b½ 13w½ 36b½ 26w1 9b05,540,036,533,0
21IMPolivanov Anatoliy2393UKR 53b0 50w1 42b½ 33w1 11b1 6w½ 29b0 43w½ 35b15,540,036,031,5
22IMKurayan Ruslan2379UKR 60b1 32w½ 66b1 9w½ 15b0 24w0 47b1 37w½ 43b15,539,535,531,0
23Vypkhaniuk Ihor2340UKR 51w1 2b0 47w1 44b½ 31w½ 61w1 9b0 38b½ 42w15,539,535,531,0
24Aliferenko Aleksei2230UKR 80w1 28b0 68w1 16b0 67w1 22b1 12w½ 10b0 45w15,539,036,032,5
25Borsuk Konstantin2289UKR 79b1 62w½ 1b0 54w1 13b0 32w½ 61b½ 53w1 37b15,539,035,531,5
26FMRoshka Yevgeniy2377UKR 65w1 53b½ 31w½ 72b½ 8w½ 44b1 16w½ 20b0 38w15,538,535,031,0
27Bordovsky Vladimir2321UKR 56b0 55w1 54b½ 66w1 36b0 35w1 38w1 6b0 44w15,536,532,528,5
28IMMirzoev Emil2403UKR 52b1 24w1 9b½ 30w1 6b½ 15w½ 5w½ 2b0 8w05,047,542,537,0
29Lukiyanchuk Vladislav2331UKR 63w½ 41b1 16w½ 32b1 7w½ 18b½ 21w1 4b0 13b05,045,040,535,5
30IMMischuk Dmitry2390UKR 38w1 72b1 4w½ 28b0 40w1 7b0 10w0 55b1 31w½5,042,038,033,5
31FMPunin Andrii2252UKR 75b1 15w½ 26b½ 13w½ 23b½ 62w1 14b0 45w½ 30b½5,042,037,533,0
32Berdnyk Mariia2081UKR 7w1 22b½ 17w½ 29w0 59b½ 25b½ 64w1 40b½ 34w½5,041,537,533,0
33Boronin Andrey2143UKR 45w½ 16b0 51w1 21b0 69w½ 73b0 58b1 60w1 59b15,035,032,028,0
34FMBykovskiy Oleg2349UKR 76b1 9w0 37b0 68w1 41b0 53w½ 66b1 61w1 32b½5,034,031,027,5
35Molchanov Mykola2166UKR 4w0 58b1 7w0 55b1 46w½ 27b0 51w1 50b1 21w04,541,537,533,0
36Omelja Artem2436UKR 41w½ 63b½ 57w½ 42b1 27w1 17b½ 20w½ 12b0 11b04,541,037,033,0
37IMStets Vasilij2152UKR 10w0 77b1 34w1 12b0 58w1 16b0 73w1 22b½ 25w04,540,537,533,5
38Safronov Mikhail2038UKR 30b0 81w1 11b0 83w1 43b1 19w1 27b0 23w½ 26b04,539,037,533,0
39Shevchenko Danylo2167UKR 1b0 73w1 10w0 65b0 51b1 58w1 63b1 19w0 48b½4,539,035,532,0
40WFMMartynkova Olena2278UKR 70b½ 71w1 62b1 3w0 30b0 54w1 45b½ 32w½ 18b04,538,535,031,0
41Gayun Dmytro2149UKR 36b½ 29w0 71b1 49w½ 34w1 12b0 62b½ 18w0 70b14,538,535,030,5
42IMSmolin Sergey2156UKR 5w0 46b1 21w½ 36w0 54b0 69b1 56w1 62w+ 23b04,538,534,530,5
43FMMukha Nikolay2216UKR 78w1 18w0 56b1 7b0 38w0 76b1 65w1 21b½ 22w04,538,035,031,5
44FMSychevskyy Andriy2207UKR 9b0 76w1 83b1 23w½ 45b½ 26w0 53b½ 54w1 27b04,538,035,031,0
45FMBaidetskyi Valentin2418UKR 33b½ 66w0 52b½ 74w1 44w½ 49b1 40w½ 31b½ 24b04,537,033,529,0
46Shalymov Oleksandr1900UKR 11b0 42w0 50b1 60w1 35b½ 72w1 19b0 59w½ 49b½4,537,033,029,0
47Larkin Vladyslav2140UKR 15b0 79w1 23b0 70w1 19b0 74b1 22w0 63w½ 65b14,535,532,529,0
48Levitskiy Andrey2239UKR 69w1 3w0 60b1 15w0 61b0 55b0 74w1 67b1 39w½4,534,531,528,0
49Taranenko Evgueniy2171UKR 2w0 51b½ 69w1 41b½ 65w½ 45w0 67b½ 73b1 46w½4,534,531,528,0
50Bogdanov Zakhar2016UKR 12w0 21b0 46w0 77b½ 80w1 75b1 57w1 35w0 61b14,533,531,028,0
51Grishchenko Mihail1992UKR 23b0 49w½ 33b0 75b1 39w0 71w1 35b0 72b1 64w14,533,530,527,5
52Bilych Olexiy2095UKR 28w0 69b½ 45w½ 58b0 56w0 82b1 78b1 70w½ 63b14,529,527,524,5
53Scherbak Yaroslav2041UKR 21w1 26w½ 13b½ 17b½ 10w0 34b½ 44w½ 25b0 56w½4,043,539,034,0
54AIMMalynovskyi Rostyslav2090UKR 13b0 80w1 27w½ 25b0 42w1 40b0 72w1 44b0 55w½4,037,034,030,0
55Bondar Dmytro1998UKR 14b0 27b0 77w1 35w0 70b1 48w1 59b½ 30w0 54b½4,036,533,029,0
56Abramyan Artur1938UKR 27w1 12b0 43w0 59b0 52b1 67w½ 42b0 66w1 53b½4,036,032,528,5
57Basko Bogdan2164UKR 6b0 74w1 36b½ 62w0 66b1 11w0 50b0 68w½ 73b14,035,532,529,5
58Salah Nadezhda1934UKR 19b0 35w0 82b1 52w1 37b0 39b0 33w0 83w1 76b14,033,031,528,5
59IMLabensky Igor2234UKR 71b½ 70w½ 63b0 56w1 32w½ 65b½ 55w½ 46b½ 33w04,033,029,526,0
60Varchenko Grigory2038UKR 22w0 78b1 48w0 46b0 79w1 64b0 69w1 33b0 75w14,032,029,026,0
61Smolin Dmytro2120UKR 3b0 75w1 20w0 73b1 48w1 23b0 25w½ 34b0 50w03,540,037,032,5
62Budnikov Oleg2441UKR 83w1 25b½ 40w0 57b1 20w½ 31b0 41w½ 42b- -03,538,534,530,0
63Barchuk Irina1979UKR 29b½ 36w½ 59w1 20b0 64w1 8b0 39w0 47b½ 52w03,538,534,530,0
64Lisnyak Vladislav2218UKR 82b1 13w½ 15b½ 18w0 63b0 60w1 32b0 65w½ 51b03,537,534,030,5
65Konovalov Andrey2032UKR 26b0 7b0 79w1 39w1 49b½ 59w½ 43b0 64b½ 47w03,537,534,030,0
66Klementev Oleg2138UKR 16w½ 45b1 22w0 27b0 57w0 68b1 34w0 56b0 74w13,537,034,030,0
67Palamarchuk Andriy2054UKR 18b0 82w1 19b0 81w1 24b0 56b½ 49w½ 48w0 68b½3,534,032,529,5
68WFMDudrova Anastasia1954UKR -1 14w0 24b0 34b0 75w½ 66w0 71b1 57b½ 67w½3,534,031,027,5
69Pampukha Oleksandra1838UKR 48b0 52w½ 49b0 71w1 33b½ 42w0 60b0 78w½ -13,532,029,526,5
70Vernigora Alexandra1898UKR 40w½ 59b½ 72w0 47b0 55w0 81b1 76w1 52b½ 41w03,532,029,026,0
71Katesh Yan1756UKR 59w½ 40b0 41w0 69b0 77w1 51b0 68w0 -1 78b13,528,026,023,5
72Lomakin Viktor2210UKR 81b1 30w0 70b1 26w½ 17w0 46b0 54b0 51w0 80b½3,034,532,529,0
73Kara-Mustafa Alexey1983UKR 17w0 39b0 80b1 61w0 81b1 33w1 37b0 49w0 57w03,033,531,528,0
74Asaulenko Sergej1963UKR 20w0 57b0 78w1 45b0 83b1 47w0 48b0 80w1 66b03,030,528,526,5
75Tihonov Gennady1844UKR 31w0 61b0 76b1 51w0 68b½ 50w0 83b1 79w½ 60b03,030,527,524,5
76Bondar Wladimir1995UKR 34w0 44b0 75w0 80b1 78b1 43w0 70b0 77w1 58w03,029,027,024,5
77Ovsepyan Marat1885UKR 8b0 37w0 55b0 50w½ 71b0 83w½ -1 76b0 82w13,028,527,025,0
78Bogdanovskiy Svjatoslav0UKR 43b0 60w0 74b0 -1 76w0 79b1 52w0 69b½ 71w02,528,025,022,0
79Sleptsov Yuri1910UKR 25w0 47b0 65b0 82w1 60b0 78w0 81w1 75b½ -02,527,526,024,0
80Shyrobokov Mykyta1738UKR 24b0 54b0 73w0 76w0 50b0 -1 82w1 74b0 72w½2,527,526,023,0
81Dovbysh Mykhailo0UKR 72w0 38b0 -1 67b0 73w0 70w0 79b0 82b0 83w12,025,023,520,5
82Krugovoy Alexey1608UKR 64w0 67b0 58w0 79b0 -1 52w0 80b0 81w1 77b02,025,023,021,0
83Donda Konstantin1578UKR 62b0 -1 44w0 38b0 74w0 77b½ 75w0 58b0 81b01,529,527,024,0

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)