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Andres Clemente Vazquez 2017 Premier

Last update 02.10.2017 02:01:21, Creator/Last Upload: pinkycuba

Starting rank list of players

2IMQuesada Vera Liordis3507009CUB2394
6IMMorales Romero Pedro3503798CUB2371
5FMSoto Vega Jorge Arturo3800580PER2333
1Garcia Garcia Alejandro3516334CUB2295
8IMCampos Jimenez Augusto Cesar3517160CUB2291
3Fundora Zamora Yoisel3516318CUB2220
9FMChinchilla Miranda Eugenio6500072CRC2196
7WIMSanchez Ones Yeny3514099CUB2148
4CMFernandez Sibaja Felipe Josue6503519CRC2130
10Aponte Castillo Ernesto4402960COL2108