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Andres Clemente Vazquez 2017 Elite

Last update 02.10.2017 02:01:10, Creator/Last Upload: pinkycuba

Starting rank list of players

2GMMorovic Fernandez Ivan Eduardo3405400CHI2528
4IMVera Siguenas Deivy3804623PER2528
10GMMartinez Duany Lelys Stanley3504727CUB2511
1GMAlvarez Pedraza Aramis3507408CUB2503
8FMAlbornoz Cabrera Carlos Daniel3518736CUB2470
6IMGallego Alcaraz Andres Felipe4402669COL2465
7IMSoto Hernandez Henry3507475CUB2452
9FMQuesada Perez Luis Ernesto3520773CUB2438
3IMLopez Gonzalez Abel Fabian3512673CUB2385
5Blandon Villa Diego Fernando4406109COL2216