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GAMMA Reykjavik Open 2018 - Bobby Fischer Memorial

Last update 12.12.2018 11:46:33, Creator/Last Upload: icelandic chess federation

Player overview for ESP

133AIMVelez Romero Juan Luis1981ESP1½½0½11015,56521322032,20Reykjavik Open
193Miranda Herrera Miguel1722ESP0101½00103,5180171340-2,80Reykjavik Open

Results of the last round for ESP

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
AIMVelez Romero Juan Luis1981 1 - 0 IMPovah Nigel E2284
Miranda Herrera Miguel1722 0 - 1 Kleinert Juergen1887

Player details for ESP

AIM Velez Romero Juan Luis 1981 ESP Rp:2132 Pts. 5,5
1198Stuart Brian1688ENG3,5w 10,850,15203,00
270FMDravid Shailesh2246IND5,5s ½0,180,32206,40
3178Halldorsson Hjorleifur1792ISL3,5w ½0,75-0,2520-5,00
444IMKavutskiy Konstantin2383USA6,0s 00,08-0,0820-1,60
5183Peoples Jonathon1763IRL4,0w ½0,78-0,2820-5,60
6202Huber-Delle Guenther1665USA3,0s 10,870,13202,60
768FMKucuksari Kaan2271SWE3,5w 10,160,842016,80
830IMBartholomew John2477USA6,0s 00,08-0,0820-1,60
961IMPovah Nigel E2284ENG4,5w 10,140,862017,20
Miranda Herrera Miguel 1722 ESP Rp:1713 Pts. 3,5
1128Reynolds D Ian W1999ENG4,5w 00,17-0,1740-6,80
2231Signyjarson Arnar Smari1351ISL4,5s 10,900,10404,00
3121Marentini Marcel2024SUI4,5w 00,15-0,1540-6,00
4225Alexandersson Orn1466ISL3,0s 10,810,19407,60
5149Fivelstad Jon Olav1916NOR5,5w ½0,250,254010,00
6111Gonzalez Henry Singer2067BRA5,0s 0
7104CMColeman David J2107ENG4,5w 00,09-0,0940-3,60
8233Stefansson Benedikt1297ISL2,5s 10,920,08403,20
9154Kleinert Juergen1887GER4,5w 00,28-0,2840-11,20