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North Zone Athletic Meet 2017 - Chess 2017 HS Girls

Last update 28.09.2017 00:03:48, Creator/Last Upload: teamserrano_500

Starting rank

1Badar ChelzePHI0CVA
2Caisip PichyPHI0M.I
3Diaz Francis Damienne H.PHI0MCESI
4Miranda EunicePHI0BAFI
5Nicasio Josias IraPHI0M.I
6Pallasigui Jerisha M.PHI0MCESI
7Pineda Mig Han Kurl C.PHI0HHI
8Planas AbigailPHI0CVA
9Santos Keziah GenoahPHI0SBSI
10Suba KatePHI0BAFI
11Tolentino Lourie Joy P.PHI0HHI