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KM i Horndal 2017/18

Last update 27.03.2018 19:36:04, Creator/Last Upload: dalaschack

Starting rank

1Ängskog Kent1703668SWE2165Horndals SK
2Marcus HÃ¥kan1703684SWE2113Horndals SK
3Tunviken Peter1722859SWE2067Horndals SK
4Källström Magnus1716344SWE1890Horndals SK
5Trsavec Peter1726943SWE1871Horndals SK
6Andersson Pär1734962SWE1839Horndals SK
7Norqvist Lars1718517SWE1797Horndals SK
8Lindblom Kaj1739964SWE1683Horndals SK
9Brodin Kjell1723448SWE1633Hedemora SS
10Olsson Dick1726463SWE1631Horndals SK
11Eriksson Daniel1737201SWE1589Horndals SK
12Ljunggren Leif1720910SWE1412Hedemora SS
13Haag Bengt1724649SWE0Horndals SK
14Andersson Katarina1734156SWE0Horndals SK
15Johansson Niklas1751050SWE0Horndals SK
16Tiger Sonja1753673SWE0Horndals SK