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LUDIKA 20170926 Activo

Last update 31.10.2017 17:41:50, Creator/Last Upload: fecodaz

Starting rank

1FMRamirez Carlos4400127COL22705 1a
2FMValle Efrain4401387COL214510 1a
3Soto Cristian Camilo4407008COL2139 10 1a
4Valle Leiner Efrain4400755COL212810 1a
5Celedon Jose Ivan4471474COL200310 1a
6Prado Leonardo4404092COL198510 1a
7Duque Santiago4435150COL198110 1a
8Laverde Uribe Juan Gonzalo4444981ANT193010 1a
9Garcia Luis Alberto4465385BOG1898 1a
10Cuesta Cifuentes Jair Alfonso4406575BOL186710 1a
11Lopez Karol Bibiana4454740BOG18275 2a
12Cano Carlos4426819COL183210 2a
13Gomez Morales Juan Sebastian4440358COL176410 2a
14Sarmiento Tobon Luis4421329BOG172910 2a
15Celis Vargas Walter Enrique4426533COL171710 2a
16Gomez Diaz Hector Javier4455436COL171210 2a
17Acosta Jaime4431820COL165610 2a
18Castro Erick AndreyCOL1600 2a
19Rodriguez Isai4444167CUN160010 2a
20Blanco JimenoCOL010 2a
21Muñoz PaulaCOL05 2a
22Patiño HernanCOL010 2a
23FMDominguez Rincon Miller4406583COL207310 1a