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SS Manhems KM 2017 - Kandidatgruppen

Last update 07.12.2017 21:07:33, Creator/Last Upload: ssmanhem

Starting rank list of players

1Ahlqvist Jonas1721330SWE1820
9Ottgard Andreas1730592SWE1810
5Olsson William1741721SWE1784
8Gustavsson Andreas 19801738895SWE1783
3Alharash Feras7604645SWE1772
7Svensson Anders 19801727818SWE1762
10Shchetinin Oleg1740210SWE1756
2Freed Markus1717944SWE1743
4Rasti Arvin1741160SWE1721
6Ekstrand Bertil1728610SWE1655