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Gleisdorfer Vereinsblitzen 2017/18 1. Turnier

Last update 25.09.2017 21:58:39, Creator/Last Upload: hr. claus schwarz

Starting rank list of players

1Gutmann Alois1614983AUT2060Spg. Feldbach-Kirchberg
15Missethan Michael1626418AUT2026Ej. Gleisdorf
4Brand Thomas Mag.1614673AUT1985Sc Extraherb Ws
8MkHorvath Reka724971AUT1976Spg. Feldbach-Kirchberg
3Nadarevic Hasib14412063BIH1955Sc Extraherb Ws
14Mujacic Haris14408139BIH1949Sc Extraherb Ws
13Prem Dominik1640194AUT1845Ej. Gleisdorf
6Sailer Werner1646893AUT1827Ej. Gleisdorf
12Wilfling Sandra1623613AUT1807Grazer Wechselseitige
7Wagenleitner Wolfgang1639005AUT1805
9Napetschnig Martin1629360AUT1786Vst Voelkerm. Gojer/K.Ents
2Sommer Hannah1627570AUT1731Schachmaty Ruden
5Prem Erich Ing.1605518AUT1691Tsv Hartberg
11Amtmann Franz1620541AUT1681Ej. Gleisdorf
10Majkovski Sarah1625578AUT1600Ej. Gleisdorf