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Eerste klasse.

Last update 25.09.2017 14:35:27, Creator/Last Upload: west flanders chess federation license 4

Starting rank list of players

10De Cat Ben207500BEL1933309-Roeselare
5Muylle Kris219215BEL1838309-Roeselare
12Deketelaere Francky240621BEL1824309-Roeselare
9Logie Bernard218626BEL1780309-Roeselare
3Dalschaert Didier214019BEL1760305-Kortrijk
11Deblauwe Pauwel215040BEL1754309-Roeselare
6Vandecasteele Louis225002BEL1711521-Tournai
8Da Silva Heleno Jorit243710BEL1684302-Kisk
1Ottevaere Herman219487BEL1669309-Roeselare
2Vancoillie Guido244244BEL1609309-Roeselare
7Degrieck Peter215228BEL1604309-Roeselare
4Selschotter Jan228109BEL1592309-Roeselare