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XYChess League Chiang Mai - Division 2

Last update 29.10.2017 13:58:03, Creator/Last Upload: malta chess federation

Starting rank

1WCMPsaila Uranchimeg5600804MLT1452
2Parhira Preeda6206956THA1358
3Saipetch Kai6206697THA1338
4Psaila Ocean5602130MLT1026
5Alriyami Faris Rashid6208169THA0
6Dierkers Adam Timothy30946182USA0
7Gonzalez Eric Antonio30946271USA0
8Gonzalez Miles Efahn30946280USA0
9Krainonthong Kittisak6207898THA0
10Lertanantawong Supawit6206719THA0
11Lilagan Marco3234908AUS0
12Thongtaluang LoetsunthonTHA0