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2017 English Rapidplay Championship Under 10

Last update 23.09.2017 19:17:47, Creator/Last Upload: englishchessfederation

Starting rank

1Kumar AshvinENG123Hoylake Juniors
2Agrawal ShivamIND108Kings College
3Richards AlexanderENG92None
4Correa RebeccaENG863cs
5Harris FinnENG83Heathside Preparatory
6Supatan DawnENG66Ashton Community
7Paulsen ZacENG54Dawpool School
8Roque JedENG54Liverpool Ches Sclub
9Benhamida JudeENG43Tameside
10Tangri BenjaminENG39None
11Zheng KellyENG14Southport
12Erhardt EdmundENG0
13Inocentes JessieENG0Liverpool
14Mccausland ErinENG0None
15Skidmore AbigailENG0Southport
16Stanley PabloENG0None
17Williams AlfieENG0Tameside
18Ye TimENG03cs
19Zhao TengwenCHN0Sale & District
20Malik HunainENG0Oldham Juniors