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AXF - XXVIII Campeonato Distrital Individual de Rápidas do Algarve - 2016/17

Last update 28.09.2017 01:02:21, Creator/Last Upload: fpxfaro

Starting rank

1Pacheco João Carlos Palma1901184POR20892089S50Adc Faro
2Prata José Miguel Mendes1901303POR20012001Loulé++cx Torres Al-Gharb
3Libório Dinis João Sousa1943316POR19831983Adc Faro
4Botelho Luis Miguel Rodrigues1904981POR19781978Loulé++cx Torres Al-Gharb
5Jurado Pérez Oliver2282410ESP19081908Loulé++cx Torres Al-Gharb
6Barros Filipe Da Silva Sousa1928201POR17611761S50Adc Faro
7Mariano Vitor Manuel Nunes Le1954393POR17601760S50Loulé++cx Torres Al-Gharb
8Dias Marcos Ricardo Afonso1951602POR16041604Loulé++cx Torres Al-Gharb
9Lima Amarildo António Cabrita1927280POR14471447S50Loulé++cx Torres Al-Gharb
10Lima Remi Vanhulle1927299POR14371437Loulé++cx Torres Al-Gharb
11Silva Diogo Manuel Caeiro1957945POR14061406U14Loulé++cx Torres Al-Gharb
12Mariano José Maria Guerreiro1960016POR00Loulé++cx Torres Al-Gharb