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25. Intern. Raika Open Ratten 2018 A Turnier

Last update 23.05.2018 23:42:21, Creator: is margit almert,Last Upload: herzog

Starting rank

1IMSchnider Gert1606310AUT2422
2GMKlaric Zlatko14500248CRO2393
3IMSchwarhofer Christopher1613952AUT2374
4IMDanner Georg1600303AUT2333
5Schieder Andreas1605488AUT2240
6FMBachofner Andreas1603795AUT2185
7Leitner Gerald DI.1616218AUT2118
8MKHupfer Robert Mag.1609130AUT2111
9Peinhopf Rene1622668AUT2094
10Tölly Michael1625330AUT2094
11Hafner Robert1606409AUT2082
12Wagner Oliver1605046AUT2035
13MKLipp Alfred1620100AUT2018
14MKBachofner Christian1603787AUT1992
15Kristoferitsch Daniel1642650AUT1948
16Verhoef Jaap1044001NED1936
17Rattinger Thomas1602438AUT1921