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Burgenländische Mannschaftsmeisterschaft B Liga Nord

Last update 06.05.2018 16:33:43, Creator/Last Upload: burgenländischer schachverband

The best player per board: according percent

The minimum required number of games: 60%

Board 1
1Leber Franz2058Gols 178,65,521837
Board 2
1MKAllacher Erwin2012Gols 175,06,020238
2Hadzihajdic Sead1759Mannersdorf 150,04,018778
3Meszar Thomas1656Parndorf 241,72,517186
Board 3
1Jarius Hans Jürgen1963Gols 166,74,018886
2Barbulowic Nikola1671Mannersdorf 156,34,518158
3Flanitzer Johann1595Parndorf 243,83,517798
4Koller Andreas1544Potzneusiedl 228,62,017117
Board 4
1Takacs Johann Ing.1513Potzneusiedl 250,04,017418
2Winauer Karl1652Mannersdorf 135,72,516417
3Hoffmann Wilfried1544Potzneusiedl 225,02,015908
Board 5
1Wahrmann Josef1652Gols 162,55,016868
2Pantelic Slobodan1610Pamhagen 258,33,518226
3Krammer Wilhelm1485Parndorf 235,72,515917
4Wenz Andreas Ing.1519Mannersdorf 133,32,015186