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ACC Chess on Film U1400

Last update 17.10.2017 05:19:45, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 23)

Starting rank

1Saltat MichaelCAN1293ON
2Matetski KonstanstinCAN1246ON
3Dong YiweiCAN1237ON
4Denning KeithCAN1220ON
5Panayotou PaulCAN1195ON
6Stroganov VictorCAN1193ON
7Randle BillCAN1183ON
8Ai AmyCAN1181ON
9Lambert PeterCAN1171ON
10Noritsyn IvanCAN1053ON
11Kamnitzer BenjaminCAN1029ON
12Pancer JeffCAN1014ON
13Mavroidis GeorgeCAN991ON
14Souchko LarissaCAN988ON
15Teram EliCAN966ON
16Ellis CodyCAN887ON
17Tuong RoseCAN871ON
18Boyce AnnaCAN847ON
19Moiseev AlexCAN769ON
20Lau JoshuaCAN743ON
21Zuo RogerCAN708ON
22Hibbard LindaCAN595ON