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Sallskapets Hostturn 2017, grp A

Last update 12.12.2017 22:37:40, Creator/Last Upload: stockholms schacksallskap

Starting rank list of players

4Seo Jung Min1734687SWE2433
2FMThorn Eric1710729SWE2320
6FMCederstam Barsk Carl1713329SWE2319
7FMArman Deniz6302106TUR2294
9Van Hengel Hugo1008161NED2251
8FMTuomainen Felix1720813SWE2175
5Joydev Saha5004063IND2141
10Kyhle Bo1701150SWE2078
1AGMFernandez Juan Pablo1705920SWE2036
3Lindblom Peter1710982SWE2027