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Sallskapets Hostturn 2017, grp C

Last update 12.12.2017 22:34:22, Creator/Last Upload: stockholms schacksallskap

Starting rank list of players

5Tuomainen Jari1709224SWE1894
6Viklund Dick1710745SWE1876
7Ranby Hans1710311SWE1875
1Knoppel Bjorn1712233SWE1794
4Karlsson Leif1727532SWE1781
2Norrman Claes1722263SWE1729
9Dias Pablo1751506SWE1722
3Ring Lars1714449SWE1720
10Sandstrom Fredrik1743015SWE1665
8Cloodt Henrik1719530SWE1663