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Sallskapets Hostturn 2017, grp E

Last update 12.12.2017 22:32:35, Creator/Last Upload: stockholms schacksallskap

Starting rank

1Larsson Krister1731491SWE1745
2Keinonen Juha1722239SWE1478
3Larsson Christer1709330SWE1455
4Kristoffersson Robin1743007SWE1451
5Franzen Anders1743023SWE1436
6Strid Erik1745492SWE1393
7Hansson Christoffer1728407SWE1391
8Jansson Assar1749544SWE1389
9Relom Sunny1745883SWE1386
10Kellner Benny1748874SWE1382
11Ohnedal Anders1717073SWE1338
12Paulin Thomas1728415SWE1322
13Liljemark Kerstin1735217SWE1277
14Wrango Curt1728423SWE1169
15Evaldsson JensSWE0
16Hagstrom PhilipSWE0
17Kumar Amod1753258SWE0
18Kurtiz Mirza1722255SWE0