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2017 South Wales Autumn Blitz

Last update 10.09.2017 18:05:50, Creator/Last Upload: kevin

Starting rank

1GMTurner Matthew J402893SCO2494
2Kett Tim1801210WLS2186
3Hewitt William1800280WLS2142
4Thornton John D1800663WLS2072
5Bullen Alex1801627WLS2054
6Brown Thomas1801430WLS2030
7Gilbert Jonathan A.1800388WLS2018
8Hatchett Paul1802330WLS1983
9Thomas Ben1801252WLS1971
10Thomas James1802020WLS1941
11Heaven Pete1803603WLS1939
12James Dai1801155WLS1872
13Cizek Ondrej336068CZE1867
14White Ernest M408590WLS1863
15Dineen Robert1803395WLS1855
16Taylor Robert Graham1800841WLS1805
17Jukes Sam1803182WLS1780
18Penny Liam1803956WLS1766
19Parry Matthew1800531WLS1765
20Harris Calum1803220WLS1742
21Macdonald Duncan1804758WLS1736
22Chong Kimberly1804723WLS1730
23WCMSivarajasingam Venetia1802895WLS1702
24Choo Yin Benjamin1802933WLS1702
25WCMSivarajasingam Shayanna1802887WLS1696
26Di-Vetta Andrew1803964WLS1655
27Fowler Hugo433411WLS1654
28Morgans Justin1804898WLS1613
29Hunt Bill1802143WLS1598
30Janas Mark1803697WLS1585
31Jansen Van Rensburg Leon1804782WLS1584
32Fraser Susanna1803921WLS1464
33Goodfellow Sam1804685WLS1349
34Jaberansari Daniel1804499WLS1316
35Fowler Caspian1803271WLS1180
36Stevenson Neil1804235WLS1169
37Smith Madeleine1804251WLS1011
38Buttle PhilWLS0
39Choudhury AnishWLS0
40Jaberansari Benjamin1802002WLS0
41Noedling Alexander Roland16237706WLS0
42O`rourke KevinWLS0
43Smith GeorgeWLS1511
44Penny CallumWLS0
45Swamy AnshulWLS0
46Wu YuxuanWLS0