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UNISON Inter School Chess Competition 2074- Boys Junior

Last update 08.09.2017 11:43:51, Creator/Last Upload: nepal chess association

Starting rank

1Alam RoshanNEP0Holy Angels Sec. School
2Ansari SerajNEP0Vidhya Sadan Sec. School
3Chaudhary SujitNEP0Mascot Sec. School
4Chaurasiya AditNEP0Manakamana Sec. School
5Chaurasiya AmanNEP0Manakamana Sec. School
6Das Om PrakashNEP0Mount Hermon School
7Karki AsalNEP0New Wave Sec. School
8Karna BhargavNEP0Vidhya Sadan Sec. School
9Paswan MunnaNEP0Mount Hermon School
10Patel PrashantNEP0Mascot Sec. School
11Patel SumitNEP0Manakamana Sec. School
12Sah ArunNEP0New Wave Sec. School
13Shah PrabinNEP0Mount Hermon School
14Shah Santosh KumarNEP0Holy Angels Sec. School
15Shrestha AshishNEP0Vidhya Sadan Sec. School
16Shrestha RonishNEP0Mascot Sec. School
17Sriwastav RohitNEP0New Wave Sec. School
18Upadhyay PuskarNEP0Holy Angels Sec. School