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fake chess #2

Last update 07.09.2017 23:07:41, Creator/Last Upload: icelandic chess federation

Starting rank

1IMBrown Andrew3206513AUS2319
2FMBrown Martin401480ENG2219
3Brown Peter407089ENG2177
4Browning Alex12984019GER2085
5Brown Thomas1801430WLS2073
6Brown Justin L2024004USA2059
7Brown Paul2401150SCO2057
8Brown Wayne B2079240USA1998
9Brown Nicholas3220800AUS1935
10Browne Paul7704178TTO1890
11Brown Wilbert A2027070USA1880
12Brown Tom448001ENG1616
13Brown Terry426253ENG1529
14Brown Tony R2059282USA0
15Brown Treg A2068923USA0
16Brown Victor J455326ENG0