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City Of Dublin Master 2017

Last update 11.09.2017 09:00:13, Creator/Last Upload: ivanbaburin

Starting rank

1IMValdes Escobar Alvaro3405451CHI2359
2Fitzsimons David2501961IRL2336
3Daly Colm2500434IRL2311
4Li Henry2508524IRL2234
5Vrsek Ivan14510103CRO2227
6Wallace Paul2500892IRL2203
7Delaney Killian2501570IRL2196
8Moran Stephen2501872IRL2115
9Fox Anthony2500736IRL1991
10McMorrow John2501481IRL1989
11Cafolla Peter2500884IRL1982
12Nolan Conor2509466IRL1887