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Autum Chess Tournament 2017

Last update 20.12.2017 18:03:11, Creator/Last Upload: vasterbotten chess federation

Starting rank

1Backsten Jan1735381SWE1949
2Ersholt Isak1725890SWE1851
3Maier Maximilian24671614GER1807
4Agrell Alexander1741985SWE1784
5Jäger Gerold12971588GER1720
6Jonsson Anders1715763SWE1682
7Nyman Rasmus1714716SWE1645
8Hörnqvist Kasper1728750SWE1584
9Scholz MarcGER1514
10KuppusamyPalaniappan TamilarasanSWE0
11Nord ErikSWE0
12Tammela RanelSWE0
13Östhagen NatanaelSWE0