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HSK Klubturnier 2017 C2-Gruppe

Last update 08.12.2017 00:13:22, Creator/Last Upload: hsk1830

Starting rank list of players

2Fomenkov Alexander16243420GER1798Hamburger SK von 1830 eV
1Meibauer ArminGER1778Hamburger SK von 1830 eV
3Christensen Andreas12980846GER1766Hamburger SK von 1830 eV
4Birken Rainer12986402GER1753Hamburger SK von 1830 eV
5Hildebrandt Alexander16207670GER1671Hamburger SK von 1830 eV
6Schmidt RobertoGER1577Hamburger SK von 1830 eV
7Kohlstädt Jürgen12900761GER1556Hamburger SK von 1830 eV
8Bothe Arend12906948GER1551Hamburger SK von 1830 eV
9Ahrens ReinhardGER1546Hamburger SK von 1830 eV