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A-Groep Interne Competitie SV De Pion Roosendaal Senioren najaar 2017

Last update 20.01.2018 00:46:15, Creator/Last Upload: fpi

Starting rank list of players

6Kok Ivo1022024NED20882091
2Van Eck Ted1008579NED19581920
5Van Den Broek René1020110NED19561907
8Rens Carlo1018639NED19751889
4Riemens Koen1050710NED01853
10Lambregts Frank1032720NED18121823
3Gevorkjan Lewon1058711NED17961794
7Dehn Imad AbouNED01718
1Alberts Henk1032682NED17571623
9Dielissen MickNED01374