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NÖ Weinviertel 2.Klasse WEST 2017/18

Last update 21.04.2018 09:49:21, Creator/Last Upload: nö.-schachverband

The best player per board: according percent

The minimum required number of games: 60%

Board 1
1Rauch Christian1815SV Stockerau 480,08,0191610
2Pernerstorfer Max1794SK Raika Eggenburg 271,45,018917
3Wieser Andreas1887SV Retz55,65,016739
4Schiessl Paul1675SGM Bisbg/Korneuburg 650,03,016046
Board 2
1Pernerstorfer Moritz1697SK Raika Eggenburg 268,85,516578
2Trzil Friedrich1504SGM Bisamberg/Kornbg 555,05,5149610
3Ritter Martin1614SV Retz55,05,5147710
4Weiß Arnold Di1466SV Stockerau 445,04,5146010
5Laaber Peter1611SV Stockerau 543,83,514848
6Sponer Manfred1433SGM Bisbg/Korneuburg 642,93,015027
7Beck Karl1612SV Stockerau 535,72,513267
8Scharf Leopold1576SV Stockerau 525,02,013648
Board 3
1Litzenberger Friedhelm1422SGM Bisamberg/Kornbg 593,87,518858
2Zeindl Noah1266SK Raika Eggenburg 268,85,515808
3Brandstetter Franz1305SGM Bisbg/Korneuburg 657,14,013577
4Zwerger Kurt1487SV Retz55,65,013489
5Herdt Ernst1358SV Stockerau 450,04,514069
6Korostensky Gerald1202SGM Bisbg/Korneuburg 616,71,511639
Board 4
1Skribany Peter1455SV Retz58,33,512996
2Kaiser Michael1306SV Stockerau 542,93,012787
3Laggner Rudolf1127SGM Bisamberg/Kornbg 541,72,512136
4Krueckel Franz1251SV Stockerau 433,33,012249