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NÖ Weinviertel 2.Klasse OST 2017/18

Last update 21.04.2018 05:33:21, Creator/Last Upload: nö.-schachverband

The best player per board: according Points

The minimum required number of games: 60%

Board 1
1Piacsek Johann1728VHS Zistersdorf6,066,717439
2Leuthner Gerhard1693VHS Poysdorf5,561,116579
3Patzner Wilhelm1514SV Mistelbach 43,558,316446
4Unterberger Wolfgang Mag.1653SGM Zwerndorf/Matzen 33,550,016667
Board 2
1Rohringer Klemens1640VHS Poysdorf5,555,0160710
2Ruzicka Franz Prof.Dr.1563VHS Zistersdorf4,040,0143310
3Aziz Samir1580VHS Gänserndorf3,042,914757
4Linhart Günter1554SV Wolkersdorf 42,535,714987
5Weindl Gerhard Ing.1404VHS Gänserndorf2,531,314868
6Reichhardt Jakob1471VHS Gänserndorf1,014,312927
Board 3
1Pokorny Franz1541VHS Poysdorf6,572,216579
2Linhart Clemens1334SV Wolkersdorf 45,071,415997
3Baronbeck Johann1492SV Mistelbach 44,057,116017
4Stöckl Martin1460SV Wolkersdorf 44,040,0134710
5Geppert Erwin1417SV Mistelbach 43,050,014396
6Eminger Franz1648SGM Zwerndorf/Matzen 33,042,914167
7Porsch Guenter Dr.1357SV Wolkersdorf 42,541,713926
8Gindl Josef1423SV Mistelbach 42,535,713417
9Grabenweger Wolfgang Ing.1273VHS Zistersdorf1,012,511188
Board 4
1Hansi Otmar1437VHS Gänserndorf5,071,415397
2Dietrich Werner Dr.1364VHS Gänserndorf3,550,013667
3Ueberall Gerhard1015VHS Poysdorf1,518,811458
4Faderny Richard1163VHS Zistersdorf1,010,0101510